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Timshir Freight Services understands that different cargos are not handled or transported in the same way. Find out how we handle our cargo

Timshir Freight Services currently uses road transportation as its method of moving your freight. We are however looking into Air transportation and Rail transportation. These will be available soon and our clients will be able to choose their preferred method of transport on any consignment.

Road transport is a method widely used and accepted to be the default mode of transportation by most people. The advantages of road transport is that it is cost effective and allows you to transport goods faster compared to rail and sea transport. Road transport is the only method that is accessible in all areas of Africa, even the most remote areas.


At Timshir Freight Services we offer door to door delivery of goods. That means the recipient does not have to worry about delivery time and place of delivery or if they will be able to make it to the delivery point on time


We simplify your life by taking care of all your freight needs and making sure that you can take care of the more important aspects and day to day running of your business.


We insure goods upon request by the client which obviously adjusts the Freight Quotation/Invoice simultaneously. We currently insure such consignments with OUTSURANCE a reputable insurance company in South Africa.

Types of Cargo we have handled

Our many years of operating in the industry have seen us handling a lot of cargo types on a day to day basis. We have experience and have learned, over the years, how to handle each type of cargo. Each cargo type is handled and transported differently in order to provide the best possible service. The main types of cargo that we handle are:

Container Cargo

This includes fridges, televisions, beds, washing machines,computers, gadgets etc. These can be transported in large quantities if packed properly in containers that protect them against forces of nature.

Break Bulk

These are products that break easily, e.g. Paper, wood etc. They are often put on racks, pallets or crates

Dry Bulk

Examples include grain, sugar, cement, sand etc. They can easily be transported in large quantities

Liquid Bulk

As the name says, these are liquids like oils, fuels, liquors which need to be transported in tankers

Roll on / Roll off

This is cargo that can be driven on and off the consignment. Examples include vehicles transported on abnormal load trucks.

Our Promise to You

At Timshir Freight Service we will handle your freight/cargo with care. We understand the different types of freight that you our client can send through us. We understand too that each type has a way in which it needs to be handled. This puts us in the best position to care for the freight like it is our own. We can guarantee you that your cargo is safe when transported through us.
We understand that there are a lot of freight companies out there, and so we have sharpened our pencils in order to give clients the best service. We are always available and we will give you feedback on your consignments. We are always ahead of the pack. We have managed to combine affordability with effectiveness which enables our customers to smile and at the same time save money!

We love freight

We live freight and we have learnt to love freight. To us this is not a job. It is a lifestyle and we are glad to say, we love our style!

We have been around the industry for years and promise to be there for you need us.